Transport accounts for almost 50% of the annual energy spend for Portmarnock.

This ties in with energy spend generally in Ireland as transport is by far the largest source of final energy demand (42% of final energy demand in 2018) with private cars accounting for 40% of the transport energy demand. 

Given the residential nature of Portmarnock, our transport usage is mainly in private cars and would be a much higher percentage of the transport figure. The annual energy spend in the Energy Master Plan was calculated based on private cars only.

Register of Opportunities for Transport

Our Register of Opportunities highlights potential initiatives under these headings.  

  • Cycling and Walking to School
  • Cycling to Dart Station / Dublin
  • Cycle Rental & Secure Storage at Dart Station
  • Bus Use
  • Electric Car, Bicycle and Scooter Review
  • Track my Fuel Tool

Practical Actions to take now

Practical Actions to take now

Short journeys

Avoid using the car for short journeys. Try to walk or cycle. See if you can eliminate or combine some of your journeys.

Car pooling

Car pooling with neighbours, friends and family is a great idea. Think about planning your journeys to avoid an empty car.

General Tips

Drive smoothly and avoid harsh acceleration and braking. Remove unnecessary weight, e.g. roof boxes, golf clubs. Keep your engine regularly maintained.

Switch to electric

Consider switching to an electric vehicle. It’s much cheaper to run and less harmful to the environment. We can get grants for new electric vehicles (EV) and home charge points. Coupled with VRT relief, this could save you up to €10,000 on the purchase cost. Electric cars are ideal for most drivers, in particular regular commuters. Many new models now have a driving range of up to 400km!

Energy Master Plan

Energy Master Plan

In 2021 we completed our Energy Master Plan – a baseline for energy usage in Portmarnock and a framework for a low carbon future for our homes, business/public buildings and transport.

Read the Masterplan


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